Sweet Success! Supply Chain World spotlights Sugaright

Understanding customers, a strong supply base and an exceptional team drive growth for CSC Sugar and Sugaright. By Eric Slack For more than 15 years, CSC Sugar has been a leader and innovator in sugar trading, distribution and refining. CSC Sugar introduced Sugaright to the food industry in 2009, which was immediately accepted by several […]

CSC Sugar Offers Supply of Non-GMO Sugar

As a leading importer of non-GMO cane sugar from Mexico, Central and South America, CSC Sugar Refining is uniquely positioned to meet the increasing demand from US food processors for non-GMO sugar.  As almost all of the beet sugar produced in the US (and responsible for 60% of current sugar supply) is currently grown from […]

Creating Sustainable Cane Sugar Supply Chains: International Sweetener Colloquium

CSC Sugar partners with Bonsucro and Unilever to discuss sustainable cane sugar at this year’s International Sweetener Colloquium. In response to industry demand for a viable and responsible supply, for the first time, the Colloquium has put sustainability on the agenda.  Diane Stevenson, Director of Sustainability at CSC Sugar will join Simon Usher, CEO of […]

The Business Case for a Sustainable Sugarcane Industry: Kingsman Sugar Conference

Diane Stevenson, Director of Sustainability at CSC Sugar and the Vice-Chair of Bonsucro will be speaking at the Kingsman Sugar Conference in Miami on September 11, 2015.  The talk will offer the hard facts behind the profitability and the productivity of sustainable cane sugar farming and milling. Specific case studies will be offered so the listeners […]