CSC Sugar


Sugar Trading, Distribution, and Refining.

CSC Sugar, Leading Through Innovation for Over 15 Years, in Sugar Trading, Distribution, and Refining

CSC Sugar LLC origins date back to 1993 when Commodity Specialists Company was formed. Since its inception, CSC Sugar has been a significant supplier to US raw sugar refineries and one of the largest importers and exporters of refined sugar to and from North America.

With operations in the USA and Mexico market we pride ourselves on being experts in the North American sugar market. During the last decade we have expanded our activities to include repackaging, specialty blending, melting, and sugar refining. Sugaright, our refining division, operates liquid sugar plants in El Paso, TX, Dallas, TX,  Covington, TN, Springdale, OH, Harrisonburg, VA, and Fairless Hills, PA.

CSC Sugar is committed to bringing innovation to the sugar industry and to producing the highest quality liquid sugar and invert syrup products available. Our breakthrough processes and products are meeting the evolving needs and requirements of today’s industrial sugar consumers. CSC Sugar offers its customers reduced environmental impact, customized products, and healthier alternatives, all at competitive pricing.

If you seek a quality product, dependable supply, and a new approach that emphasizes ingredient efficiencies, be sure to contact us at 203-846-5610.

Changing the way you think about sugar.