We Changed the Sugar Refining Process

Should any process today consume more energy than is required? Our proprietary Selective Separation method saves about 50% of the intensive energy requirements of traditional sugar processing without compromising the high product consistency and purity that our clients demand. Additionally, our new regional network of state-of-the art liquid refineries cuts transport costs. You’re on the right side of sustainability with Sugaright ™.

Don’t tie your hands with the old “one size fits all” liquid sugar commodity manufacturing plan. Choose from water white to darker colors, custom tailored to your ingredient specifications. We can do it because we retain and control more of the natural components other processors strip away. You get all this flexibility only with Sugaright.

The Right Choice for the Environment

Our company is a leader in sustainable sugar refining practices and we are fully invested in protecting our environment and in good stewardship of our resources. From our innovative processing methods to our new regional network of micro refineries, we’re bringing liquid sugar production to the leading edge of the needs of today’s food processing industry. Together we will help minimize your ingredients’ environmental footprint.

The Right Choice for Your Bottom Line

When you add up all the reasons, Sugaright makes good business sense. Reduced environmental impact, custom product selections, and new flexibility to control ingredient costs — each positively impacting your bottom line. It’s time for fresh thinking about liquid sugar.



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CSC Sustainability Statement 2015

SQF Level 3

CSC Sugar El Paso TX SQF Level 3 Certificate 2014

CSC Sugar Fairless Hills PA SQF Certificate 2014

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CSC Sugar SQF Level 3 Covington TN Certifiate 2014