Sweet Success! Supply Chain World spotlights Sugaright

Understanding customers, a strong supply base and an exceptional team drive growth for CSC Sugar and Sugaright. By Eric Slack


For more than 15 years, CSC Sugar has been a leader and innovator in sugar trading, distribution and refining. CSC Sugar introduced Sugaright to the food industry in 2009, which was immediately accepted by several major food companies due to an innovative approach to sustainability, logistics and cost management. In 2016, the refining division had evolved enough to establish it’s own corporate identity as Sugaright LLC.
“We asked the industry to change the way they thought about liquid sugar and they did,” says Paul Farmer, CEO and founder of CSC Sugar. “We offered a variety of liquid sugar colors as an alternative to water white liquid sugar, giving the customers what they need. Additionally, our micro-refinery strategy allowed us to build our refineries quickly, efficiently and in close proximity to key customer locations.”
Among the major priorities for Sugaright is to continue to attract customers who see the company as long-term partners in their businesses. That means creating value by delivering excellent customer service, high quality liquid sugar, and a guaranteed supply at a reasonable price. Most of its first customers continue to be the company’s largest customers today, as it has been able to grow and adapt according to their needs.